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Operating System

Vision™ integrates Payroll, Billing and Scheduling functions and automates them for better efficiency and accuracy. First, all the variables, such as pay rates, (taxes, insurance, and withholding), billing, rates, and other pertinent information, are entered into the system. Then, incorporating the schedule, the software automatically translates the data into the following information:

 A paycheck for the security officer.
 An invoice for the client.
 A profitability report for the branch manager.
A payroll/billing register.
 A job variation analysis.
 An aging report/cash audit trail.
 A record for tax purposes.
 An incident report.  

This is the technological edge, which enables Guardian Eagle Security to give you exactly what you pay for in the most efficient manner possible. All of these functions are processed at the branch level. The central computer system at corporate headquarters calls each branch terminal daily and requests the information. It then processes all of the routine functions of payroll, billing, and financial accounting, and generates the reports for either printing or storage, depending on the end user's needs.

Bringing Contract Services On-Line

A CONTRACT SECURITY COMPANY DEPENDS on proper scheduling for its success. With an inefficient set-up, client needs may go unmet, officers may be unnecessarily asked to work overtime, and bills may be late or inaccurate. As a way to improve operational effectiveness and reduce overhead, Guardian Eagle Security Inc, based in Los Angeles, California decided to create a centralized computer-based operation.

Vision™ was designed and customized for Guardian Eagle Security over a six-month period. Since it originally went on-line in January 2004, it has been altered, improved, and refined to meet the evolving goals of a standard security operations branch.

Capabilities. The system stores information-name, address, phone number, special qualifications, special restrictions, tax information, and other pertinent information-about each security officer. When a client needs officers, the operations manager inputs the specific details about the site assignment into Vision™. The system prompts the manager with a series of specific questions: What type of security is required? Are any special skills or is any special training required? Who are the primary and secondary contacts in the event of emergency?

Armed with site and personnel information, the system allows the manger to schedule security officers. It matches officer qualifications and availability to site requirements automatically. The software eliminates the error-laden and time- consuming task of checking various lists. The system also eliminates the possibility of scheduling the same security officer to more than one site or two officers to the same post. Since Vision™ has only one slot for each position, it is impossible to place two officers into the same spot. This safeguard has important bottom-line implications. The client will pay only for the security officer agreed to in the contract, but the security officer must be paid for any time worked.


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